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We specialize in website development, advertising and marketing. With a team of highly experienced experts, we can recommend best practices that help your brand stand out, increase customer acquisition and expand awareness.


We provide a customized 360-degree multimedia solution for your marketing campaign. Website, billboard, social media, or the side of a bus – we’ll get your message where it will be seen.

Global Reach Local Perspective

We take pride in achieving a global reach with a local perspective. We maintain our local touch while staying relevant in your targeted market. Tapping the power of local knowledge, efficient communication and a rich partner-provider network enables us to serve our clients anywhere in Canada and in the world.

About us

In our many years in the industry, we have planned, created, and launched hundreds of successful websites and multimedia projects. Our clients range from small start-up companies needing simple online presence to large corporations requiring complex web applications.

Local Search

You found us! Do you know how we ended up in your search queue? Chances are you used local search in a search engine. Local searches focus results on businesses in the geographical area of the search, driving real customers to real businesses.

Research shows that online searches precede most shoppers' purchase of a local product or service. One of SEO's most powerful tools, local searches turn into to real sales twice as frequently as universal searches, which return results regardless of location. Local searches comprise 30% of all Google searches. Local and regional companies gain potential customers most efficiently when the have page 1 rankings in local searches.

Because local search results occur more quickly and often include less competition (irrelevant links, or “noise”), local search offers both fast results and a high ROI tailor-made for small- to medium-size urban businesses selling a product or service.


Wikads is here to help cut through the noise. Search Engine Optimization is part art and part science, and our experience with both and with local markets and local search means more people will find you online, which means more customers at your store.

Because majority of searches begin on a mobile device, we help ensure sure your site is easy to navigate on a mobile phone in addition to creating a website that looks good and works well on a computer. Then we direct our focus outward to getting your business to the top of local search results, targeting local customers in a variety of ways, including successful connections to Google Places/Google+Local and Google Business Listings.

Focus is key: geo-targeted search optimization efficiently creates a stable and scalable revenue stream by tuning Google's algorithms to offer more precise results among a specific customer cohort.  Local search based on SEO keywords means lower search volume with much higher conversion and higher ROI.


We offer pro-level understanding of and long experience in deploying a range of Google SEO options for local search.

  • Google Business—one of the web's most powerful lead generation programs
  • Google Places--listings here including local or geographically targeted keywords and terms appear higher than other organic searches.
  • Google Maps--business results rank above other searches and these listings because they are more visual and include location maps and contact information, can be the most powerful rankings you can achieve.

Using the above tools goes way beyond just putting up a basic Google Places profile, as it means understanding the algorithm that determines what sites appear in the top 10 listings. That is where our professional experience, technical sophistication, and creativity are at your service.


Some Local Search tactics such as basic online business profiles often get overlooked but can be powerful tools.

When effectively and smartly crafted and strategically placed in the right directories, these profiles can offer numerous benefits that also can lead to higher local search rankings, and prospect referrals—and they often cost nothing.

There are a bewildering number of directories and sites in which to post your business profile, and hundreds of thousands of competitor listings. We can make sure your business stands out in the crowd and finds its place among top search results.

Whether local or regional, your business can't afford to miss out on the value of local search listings.

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