Social Media is not just a buzz word anymore. It should be part of your marketing strategy. A lot of organizations out there now have dedicated departments to handle these areas.

Here we share some tips on the five most popular Social Media channels that can do wonders for your business.


  • If you are posting a list of some kind, make sure you highlight one that really stands out. When you refer to a specific part, it encourages the user to check it out themselves.
  • Balance content with videos, Infographics, images, quotes and more.
  • Setup posts and ask for the call to action. If you ask for something, most people will usually follow.
  • Try to come up with 'evergreen' information so people continue to read your stuff year after year.


  • The best time to post something that you want people to share is on the weekends (According to
  • Use Pictures, these are re-tweeted a lot.
  • Follow people with the most followers in your niche and see what they are talking about. Once you get a brief idea, come up with topics on those ideas.
  • Tweet about other stuff, not just what you are selling.


  • Allow people to 'pin' images on your website (A great tip for restaurants in Kamloops).
  • Each image that you upload, make sure it has your business log on it as well.
  • People on Pintrest are more keen on buying products than on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Make sure you describe your products properly.


  • Stumble other people's content but make sure it's epic and related to yours. This will bring in more targeted people to your site.
  • Use clear and concise title and descriptions. The more engaging they are, the more people will them interesting.
  • Share and be active. This is a general rule of pretty much all Social Media sites but especially Stumbleupon.
  • Don't be shy to Stumble your own site. If it's relevant, informative, people will like it.

Google Plus

  • Tag People once you post something so it shows up on their feed. Most people still haven't turned off the tag feature. Get on it while you can and get those extra subscribers.
  • Post Content in Google+ Communities so other people can see who you are and start following your adding you in their circles. Best way to increase your Google Plus followers and reaching more people.
  • Found something making waves on Facebook or Twitter, share it on Google Plus as well.
  • Treat Google Plus as a full on blog. You can add pretty much anything on it. While Google is pushing it at the moment, we say ride the wave and turn your Google Plus Page into a work of art.

We hope you enjoyed these simple yet powerful tips. Implement in your own marketing strategy and see what works the best for your business.

One thing is for sure, Social Media is here to stay and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Especially with Google Plus becoming the second biggest Social Network in the world.

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