Managed Email Newsletter Campaigns

Our search engine optimization experts are selected for their excellent skills and have a firm understanding of HTML, search engine algorithms, “white hat" link building and content optimization. Wikads can help get your business in the top three top organic position on search engine results pages and we stand by our results. The best part is we manage the entire email marketing process for you on a regular basis while you concentrate on running your business.

Building Customer Loyalty

Newsletters are a particularly useful medium for creating a strong relationship with your clients, branding your company, launching specials and promotions, and creating repeat business.

Our Newsletters are Social

We've got all kinds of social features that help you get to know your subscribers and share your newsletters. Integrate your signup form with Facebook, share your campaigns on Twitter, track subscriber activity on social networks, and more.

Promotion Specific Auto-Responders

A great way to use the data that you collect through your signup form, or from an in-house promotion, is to create an auto-responder campaign to go out for your subscribers’ birthdays, anniversary, or specific date which needs attention. With Wikads, it’s easy to schedule a Happy Birthday greeting, or Membership Renewal notice along with a coupon for people to redeem in your store, restaurant, etc. Repeat business creates repeat buyers.

Designer Templates

Choose from dozens of custom designed templates for the most effective strategy for marketing to your particular clients. Instantly create and send beautiful emails for your brand, restaurant or store.

List management

List segmentation or list management is essential to ensure even more additional and consistent results. Once we identify your regular buyers from others, we further “segment" your list and will create a more targeted list to ensure the growth of your leads and sales.

Surveys and Customer Reviews

Get valuable information directly from your clients to improve your business, maintain customer service standards, and to involve customers in your business decisions. Newsletter campaigns are an effective way to manage your clientele and public image.

Detailed Reporting

Receive detailed campaign reporting; who opened the emails, when, how long they spent on the newsletter and which links where clicked. Optimize deliverability to ensure you are not on the SPAM list, avoid spam filters, reducing bounced emails while identifying any problems along the way.

What are the steps?
Choose a web template or PSD of your choice, send us your information such as copy and what images you would like to use, and we will create an optimized email newsletter campaign for you.

You will get an example of the newsletter sent to you before the final delivery for approval, along with a full report on how your campaign went and how you can use that information for future campaigns.

Don’t know what to write for an email newsletter?

We can do this for you too.

The content for your newsletter can be written using our professional copywriters to ensure you get the best possible impact from your newsletter.

There is an additional charge for this service, quoted for each individual project.

Contact Wikads for a free consultation on price effective ways to build a winning database, and how to integrate social media and newsletters into your business model for a proven successful ROI.

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