Web Design, Online Marketing and much more.

Wikads Inc offers professional website development, digital graphics design, and web application solutions.  We like to think that we empower entrepreneurs and corporations to use the Internet to maximize their business.

In our many years in the industry, we have planned, created, and launched thousands of successful websites and multimedia projects. Our clients range from small start-up companies needing simple online presence to large corporations requiring complex web applications.



We take a logical look at the cost of doing business and where we can get the best value for our clients. With offices in different areas of the world, Wikads is able to offer highly competitive solutions that end in huge savings for our clients.

Low Overhead

Wikads keeps overhead to a minimum. We have no expensive storefront and almost 100% of our work is done through referrals. Our motto is that if we do a good job and offer the best price, people will talk... Keeping our costs to a minimum saves you money as well.

Pooling Resources

Whenever possible, Wikads will suggest pooling resources with businesses that have the same interest. This is evident in our Web site services where we have pooled together a massive database of helpful businesses so all of our subscribers can share the cost and benefit


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