Explore the advertising products and services Wikads has to offer below. We continuously strive to find new and innovative advertising mediums, as well as finding new ways to use traditional channels.

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Digital Media Advertising

We're a digital media generation. As consumers, we are 6 to 10 times more likely to respond to digital signage over traditional forms of advertising, such as print. The average recall of a brand advertised on digital signage is 88%, compared to 24% on in-home televisions. Is your business ready to ride the digital media wave? Our advertising consultants can place your brand and message exclusively across our network of digital signage. 

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Golf Cart Wrap Advertising

Golf cart wrap advertising is one of Wikads innovative advertising solutions offered through our exclusive partner golf courses. Imagine targeting affluent consumers with high exposure time and little competition from competitor's ads out on the green. Wikads has several partner courses in BC that you can choose from to place your advertising effectively, reaching hundreds of high profile clients.

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Pool Table Cloth Advertising

The game of pool has always drawn players and crowds of spectators alike, and now Wikads is offering advertisers the opportunity to promote to a captive audience who are highly likely to spend money on food, drink, and entertainment. We can print your brand and messaging directly onto the pool table cloth in any design.

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Billboard / Large Format Print Advertising

In both rural and urban communities, one of the best ways to send a message to the masses is through a large billboard. We work with industry partners to design and create large format ads that stand out to passing pedestrians and drivers on major highways, expressways or principal materials that command high-density consumer exposure. 

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Digital and Offset Printing

Wikads is not just about Web Design, we understand the importance of a high-quality brochure and marketing collaterals necessary for your business branding and marketing needs. Our advertising specialists can help you establish your brand identity and implement tactics to gain long-term brand loyalty.

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