BCFPAS Small Farmers and Food Processors Grant

The BC Ministry of Agriculture has made up to $3000 for small food processors to receive expert consultation in business planning and marketing. For farms and those who wish to start a farm, the Ministry offers $1900 for basic farm financial assessment (Tier-1) and the same $3000 to support progressive farm business management practices and strategies (Tier-2).

Wikads is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as an approved advisor for the BC Ministry of Agriculture’s Small Food Processors grants and as an ad-hoc advisor for Small Farms Tier-2 services.

As experts in online, print, and mass-media marketing with special expertise in food, hospitality, and agriculture, Wikads looks forward to helping food processors and farmers find the marketing opportunities that can take their business to the next level.

Farmer or Processor?


A farm is a business that produces food products directly and without modification from its raw state, except for harvesting and packaging. For example, apiaries are considered farms even though there is a certain amount of “processing” involved in extracting, filtering, and bottling honey. On the other hand, operations that produce chickens are farms, whereas the business that processes the chicken is a food processor.

Farmers have the option of Tier-1 and Tier-2 services, and can apply as "established" or "beginning" farmers.

Food Processor

A food processor is, according to the Ministry

[A] business that creates value-added food product(s) by cutting, blending, flavouring, thermal processing, infusing, carbonating, drying, juicing, or otherwise transforming primary agricultural and food input(s) into food or drink for human consumption. (For the FSSI (Processor) Program this definition is limited to non-federally registered facilities)

The apiary becomes a food processor if it pasteurizes its honey, creates flavoured honey products, and so on. Farms that produce meat animals become processors if they establish an abattoir or if they cut carcasses killed at an inspected facility.


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