We are experts in designing fully functional ecommerce websites. However, before getting started, it’s important to understand “why” you are building an eCommerce site, as there are other ready to go platforms such as EBay, Amazon stores.

It may be a good idea to test your product sales here first. Once your have sold a few products, it's time to own your fully functional, SEO ready, ecommerce website.

This is where we WikAds truly shines.


The first thing we will help you decide on is what platform to built your site on. With hundreds of CMS or Content Management Sytems out there, we will pick the best CMS for your website to ensure continous long term growth. Shopping cart You can't have a ecommerce webiste without having a proper shopping cart intergrated with your CMS. We will help you select the most 'healthy' shopping cart for your website and install it as well.


Once your website starts growing, so will your hosting and security needs. With WikAds, you website will always be ready for expansion and secure as well. We currently hosts over 400 websites and growing.

Data Import/Export

It is good to have options to move your data easily to another system should you learn the CMS is not working well for you. There is nothing worse than feeling trapped and losing control of your data. The eCommerce CMS options Wikads work with all have easy options to export data and import new items for ease of operation.

Third Party Integration

As your site grows, so will the need to intergrate with third party software and apps. This is also important when integrating with Google Product Search, which you need to submit your in special formats. Integration with other software projects, such as Mailchimp or Constant contact for email blasts, are a further consideration. Its nice to be able to leverage other software with added features.


The way a shopping cart is designed, can have a major implication on how Google will find your website, or if it will be found at all. Having the ability to set your own URL structure, page titles, H1 headers, Meta Data and navigation will all implicate the search engines web crawlers.

Payment Gateway

With thousands of online payment gateways out there, which one can you trust? Which payment gateway can you implement that will help you process the least amount of transactions and charge you the least in fees.

Contact us and we can set one up that is just right for your business. 


This is a strong reason for dealing with a company like Wikads. We know our stuff and are able to provide assistance when needed. 


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