Today, it is critical for a business to be aware of what is being said about the business online. There are so many places people can find information these days. Industry blogs or review sites can be the critical factor between a customer sale and a customer who loses faith in a company brand.
Local search marketing, can help elevate your exposure in Google where you do business, but having negative reviews online about your company can defeat these efforts. Make sure your brand is protected online.

Blog Posts

The internet is a massive space and sometimes you won’t know why your sales or leads have suddenly decreased. This is where we use or tools to make sure that people are not spreading bad news about your business through blog posts and comments.

Still wondering why blogging is important?

Review Sites

With over 70% of consumers today make their buying decision upon reading reviews from their peers, you must be fully aware of what people are saying out there about your business.
Wikads will help you monitor these sites on a consistent basis and take the appropriate action upon

Competitors Sites

Sometimes your competitors will be saying stuff that is not true just to boost their sales. A good example of this is service or product comparison charts that your competitors might use but with inaccurate information.
We will monitor all your major competitors and make sure your image stays clean.

Press Releases

Regular press releases will keep your business in front of national and international markets. We will regularly put out press releases to keep your business where it belongs, right on top.

If you do not know where you are standing you can always get Wikads to complete an online audit for you.

Let Wikads manage your online image.

We control the social forums by flagging and removing blogs that don’t conform to the Blog rules. We employ strategies to bring in more positive reviews, moderate the conversations and make you aware of any issues areas expressed by customers online. We promote the good reviews and manage any bad reviews.

Actively pushing your brand website, positive blogs and other sites higher in Google will marginalize the chance of your customers ever seeing such damaging posts online. Depending on your needs and budget, Wikads can solve almost any online reputation problem, protecting your image and future customers.

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