Also called Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per Impression (PPI), Paid Search campaigns represent a key part of any comprehensive online marketing program and are the perfect complement to organic search.

PPC means paid display advertising appearing within search results, and for every user click on an ad, the advertiser is charged a set fee by the search engine on which ads appear.



With years of PPC experience, we provide savvy and successful PPC campaign management from conception to maintenance and evaluation. We are Google AdWords Certified Professionals and thanks to the volume of our PPC business we have a dedicated Google AdWords representative offering state of the art techniques, tactics, and strategies. Our approach is rooted in research and testing—and our goal is tailoring a plan matching your ad budget with the best ROI.

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Compare us to the competition—Typical agency charges for PPC campaigns ranges from 13% to 18%—we don’t charge a commission for SEO clients. You can save thousands a month with us.


Geographic Targeting Is Critical

Geographically targeted campaigns ensure you are only paying for the most qualified leads—those users searching for products and services in your locality or region.

We deploy key elements in paid search ensuring your business is seen in those searches.

Google dominates search; however, Bing and Yahoo and other search engines and browsers can still reap rewards for savvy PPC marketing.

Other Keys to PPC Success
    • Keyword Targets—keyword selection based on market and competition analyses & careful niche targeting (see below for more information on keyword research and planning).
    • Ad Copy—copy blending vision, understanding of the competitive landscape, and appropriate market positioning.
    • Landing Pages—ensuring a site's landing page seamlessly integrates with PPC ads and is continuously adjusted and tested.
  • A Bidding Strategy—an ad bidding strategy that's cost effective and offers a positive ROI.
    • Quality Score—fully understanding the meaning of quality score and its impact on per-click spending.


Keywords are central to guiding users to your site—but which words, and where should they appear, and how do they integrate with your site and your marketing?

We experts at determining your organization's most appropriate keywords.  Through extensive research and analysis, we provide a complete array of services for generating effective keywords and the most powerful ways to use them, in the most important places.

We do this by:

  1. generating keywords
  2. handling keyword bidding matches
  3. targeting ad text
  4. targeting landing pages
  5. identifying cost-saving settings
  6. determining geographic locations for ads.
  7. blending elements to create the correct messaging formula
  8. creating a positive PPC ROI for your business



While remarketing is PPC's highest converting ad form, remarketing targets users that have already visited your website, so without a high-traffic website remarketing is costly and less effective than it could be. When users click on your site, a remarketing program adds cookies to their browsers that allow your ads to follow them to other sites.  Conversion is higher because they are familiar with your brand having seen it multiple times.

Display advertising is a PPC method that, with careful positioning and effective targeting of users, can effectively generate sales. However, Display can be a graveyard of wasted marketing funds unless done intelligently—it’s not for the inexperienced.  Research and testing are required, along with careful and experienced negotiation of ad rates ad brokers.

Make it easy let us do the research and testing and we'll negotiate rates that make sense for your business.


Today, social media are present in all private and public aspects of life is enormous including the lives of your customers and potential customers.  However, social media sales conversion rates are among the lowest online.

Nevertheless, we use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for PPC campaigns with increasing success—for the right business with the right campaign, they work.  We can assess your business's profile and determine whether this can be effective tool to add to your marketing program.


Lead Generation—paying a provider per lead—is a PPC tactic used by larger businesses for more expensive products or services. One of the riskiest ROI-wise, but most potentially rewarding of the PPC programs, lead generation has 2 elements that determine success.

  • Lead Validity and Quality–how good are leads and how do you know?
  • Lead Conversion Planning–how do you plan to convert leads?

We offer assessment and planning services that can quickly determine whether lead generation is right for your PPC campaign.

How Wikads’ Google Ads Service works:

Organized: We set up, manage, & optimize your Google Ads campaign.

Flexible budget: we offer different packages to fit your business’s needs.

No contract: Cancel anytime

Managed: we closely follow up and optimize your Ads to achieve results.

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