How Wikads’ SEO service works

SEO: WTF? Basics of Search Engine Optimization

What exactly is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  SEO is the way web content creators attract the attention of search engines―the algorithms that ranks the content entries users see when they search.

Using SEO increases your site's visibility to viewers increasing the opportunity to turn them into customers. Of the millions of people who search for products and services daily, 90 percent will not go any further than the first page of results in their search.

This is where Wikads comes in. We can boost your site's profile and reputation, both online and outside the web.

We work with you to boost your online search profile using a blend of effective tools like site audits, content editing, keyword research, and a range of other services that yield consistent customer conversion and long-term growth.

We win when our clients win. We deploy digital marketing tools and tactics that attract high search rankings, and our chests puff out a little when our clients hit page 1 on a Google search.

The Details: Why SEO Matters

Traditional advertising and marketing platforms and media were fine and worked well in the pre-internet age. Nevertheless, these approaches demanded labor-intensive and saturation-style campaigns in all media—for such campaigns, one medium, platform, or single ad are not enough. But these traditional tactics were very expensive.

The world has changed drastically, and traditional marketing is less and less effective.

Someone wanting to buy something now is most likely to just open a phone, tablet, or laptop browser and type a search query into Google.

If the search engine results page (SERP) doesn't feature your site near the top, you're invisible. 

So—unless your business doesn't have to worry about competition or effectively reaching today's digital consumer, understanding and effectively optimizing your search engine presence is a no-brainer.

What Creates Good SEO

We call SEO an art form for a reason—it requires a combination of intelligence, discipline, and creativity, combined with experience, knowledge, and skill.  And it requires flexibility and adaptability to prosper in a continually evolving business landscape.  

For example:  search engines and web browsers are in a constant state of change, as the closely held algorithms that determine page rankings are continually tweaked, reinvented, and modified. 

Sometimes the shifts are non-obvious and incremental, and sometimes they’re sweeping and dramatic. Either way they can improve your rankings overnight, or make your site disappear from that vital first page. 

Being aware of these changes and understanding what they mean and how to adapt are what it takes to be a successful competitor on the web—with seamless, continuous SEO.


Our team of trained and experienced SEO pros takes your company beyond the ABCs and basic understanding to cutting edge techniques, tactics, strategies, and best practices of SEO for business. You know your business—we know the web.  Let us help you most effectively connect the two.


  • Research & Analysis
  • On-Site Coding & Implantation
  • Keyword Identification & Search Query Assets
  • Copywriting & Site Performance
  • Marketing & Link Building
  • Rankings Reporting & Tracking

Our SEO experts audit your web presence and develop an action plan to get you the markets and sales you want—and provide concrete feedback on results: SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) are easily quantifiable and measurable, letting you see improvements in page ranking and effectively measure ROI.

Effective SEO and SEO marketing boost your business dramatically–strengthening credibility, increasing exposure, and institutionalizing a cost-effective method for reaching customers and potential customers, from the local to the international.

All client data is safe, secure, and confidential:  we practice the highest levels of digital and physical data security including controlling physical access.

Wikads is here to support you—our full range of services ensures your site's performance as a 1st page star. 

Thanks to our years of extensive research and experience, and our drive for continuous improvement, Wikads offers the most useful guidance for navigating today's challenging, ever-shifting business environment.

Create your plan

We know that each business has unique needs. Your product, the market you serve, and the industry you operate in, and your business model and approach—your business personality—all shape the way you will approach the SEO part of your messaging strategy. We can provide a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective SEO plan that will get your message to the eyes, ears, minds, and wallets of the people who will be your customers. Talk to us today for a free consultation.


SEO is a long-term process. We will send you a ranking and SEO work report once a month so you can see the progress.

Keyword research

We work with you to find keywords that capture your business personality and link it to your potential customers. This is the foundation of SEO. Once we have the list, you can sit back and watch your website rise through the ranks.

The SEO Keyword Research Master Guide

On-site & off-site optimization

Our technical team will look after on-page optimization including updating meta tags, site structure, optimizing site images, evaluate keyword density on your website, and optimizing site speed.
We also focus on off-site optimization tasks to build more back links, ensure your visibility on popular directory sites, and increase traffic to your website

Website Audit

As part of your larger messaging strategy, we begin with an assessment of the business variables we noted above, and then we analyze your current SEO approach for paths to greater yield. We also compare your online presence with your competitors to provide you a holistic view of where you are in the market.

What we do: Get Better ROI for your Marketing Budget

Investing in a Wikads partnership offers value-added results with additional programs and services such as:

SEO Auditing
Our specialists review and analyze your site and make recommendations for strengthening web effectiveness based on state-of-the-art industry practices.

Organic SEO Marketing
We develop a plan identifying your organization's strengths, and the products and services that separate you from competitors, that most effectively attract a potentially global client and customer base.

Local SEO Marketing
The Wikads marketing team focuses on the potential of local and regional customers.  We understand the power of “buying local,” even in the digital age.  We know that our clients’ market base is likely to expand and strengthen long-term when they are seen as both providing what their potential customers want and being part of the customers’ community.

Google Advertising (PPC)
As a Google Ads (AdWords) Certified Partner and a Microsoft Certified Partner, we offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising promoting your site. PPC advertising effectively reaches your targeted audience and provides valuable profiles of potential markets and audiences for your business's services and products.

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