We all know marketing; how is content marketing different?

Creating and targeting content that develops a non-sales based relation with a specific online audience–by offering valuable information, building trust, and creating loyalty—is content marketing (CM).

This new marketing tool came into full force in the web era, and creates a rapport and trust with web users and lays the groundwork for future sales and potential long-term brand loyalty.

Businesses that use CM:

  • get noticed
  • increase brand awareness and build credibility
  • build an organic online user community
  • increase existing and new customer bases
  • anchor or increase online revenue


CM anchors itself in an audience's needs and wants—effective CM begins with identifying and understanding those needs and wants.

Valuable no-cost tailored content is then crafted in a variety of digital formats—and other platforms as appropriate—including infographics and fact sheets, news releases, e-books, periodical newsletters, video and photography, blogs and vlogs, podcasts, case studies, instructional manuals and how-to guides, Q&A pages, lists, and other curated useful content.

As with all digital relation building, content marketing requires vigilant updating and adapting of materials in order to anticipate and fulfill an audience's needs and rouse that audience's curiosity—all with the strategic goal of short- and long-term expansion of a customer base.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

is a new way of communicating online. It's more personal, more visual and when there is news, it travels quicker than ever. Popular social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube are now the norm in marketing online.

Social Branding

We work with popular social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, LinkeIn, Youtube, etc.
Our social branding package includes complete set up and visual branding of your online marketing channels. We will develop a theme for each of the various channels that is consistent with your brand’s image and claim all your social profiles.


Social media analytics is crucial as it allows us to measure our efforts against the goals that we’ve established, and it gives us a benchmark to continually improve upon.
We will create a monthly report which outlines and tracks quantitative and qualitative measurements.

Training & Support

Setting appropriate social media guidelines and educating your staff will lead to continuous social media success.
Social media is an effective marketing tool because it promotes a culture of free-flowing information. Embracing this culture will promote evangelism and expand the viral potential of your online communications.
User administration manual with all your login info and credentials so you can manage everything on your own. Best practices guide and basic social media policy so you and your staff understand the do’s and don’ts of social media.


Interact with local influencers online to help effectively promote your business. We have already identified key local influencers within our personal networks and will engage with them on your behalf so they become more likely to interact and engage with your brand. This expand your reach and increase your online visibility tremendously.

Campaign Management

We will work with you to develop and execute a campaign that will help drive traffic and create more awareness about your business. By using viral elements on various social media channels (sweepstakes or photo upload contest) to draw the most interest, to sending weekly stats, we will manage your entire campaign.

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