November 21, 2020

E-commerce has gradually become an important business aspect of many industries. Almost all large multinational brands offer sales online. During the pandemic, small business owners start to emerge in this trend. To support the transition from selling only through brick-and-mortar stores to combining with selling online, the Government has introduced various grants and funding from the beginning of this year. If you are thinking of setting up an online business or building an e-commerce website for your existing business, now is an excellent time to start. The pandemic is affecting so many companies around the world. However, it also pushes business owners to think hard to sail their businesses through this tough time. 

As an experienced e-commerce web design agency in Kamloops, we have seen an increase in demand for e-commerce websites. We have helped multiple small to medium business owners to successfully set up and deploy their online business. We understand that a good e-commerce website requires more than just the ability to sell products and process payments. Below are the top 5 tips to help you best utilize your e-commerce website:

  1. Pay attention to customer experience on your website 

Customer experience on your website includes every single moment a customer interacts with your website. Whether they are looking for product information, company’s contact info or reading product reviews, there are various ways you can apply to increase a chance of generating online sales. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, does the website appear to give you a clear direction of where to get the information you need? Is the website up to date? 

Small businesses often have a hard time to provide complete product information. As a result, the layout of your online shop is not properly displayed because pieces of information are missing. The Kamloops e-commerce web design company can help you as they often have a team of copywriters specialized in online content.  

Frequent updates in terms of content also play an essential role in improving the online shopping experience. Customers shopping during the festive seasons expect to see seasonal collections and good deals. You can also take the opportunity to add some blogs introducing the new collections. For example, if you sell baking supplies, you can share Christmas recipes using products customers can purchase from your website during November and December. The article can list the products you use with a link to buy right off the website. 

2. Connect to Google Analytics/Google Search Console

If you are managing the online business directly on your website, there are various tools out there to help you understand the customer journey, traffic to your website, what is good, and what needs to be improved on the website. Google Analytics is one of the most popular website analytics tools out there. We often strongly advise customers to install Google Analytics on their websites from the beginning to capture as much data as possible. The insights you draw from this tool will help you improve your marketing initiatives, better understand and serve your customers. A bonus reason for installing Google Analytics is that this tool is free and easy to use. If you are not tech-savvy, your web developer can absolutely install it for you and give you brief instructions. Data generated by Google Analytics is incredibly helpful. It includes your customers’ demographic and geographic, bounce rates of your website, which pages of your website people mostly visit and spend time on. 

3. Clear call-to-action 

Customers are exposed to many marketing materials and information daily. It doesn’t matter if you have a visible menu item named “Shop” on the navigation bar, your customers can still miss that unless you go a bit more aggressively in adding a “Shop Now” button in other areas of your site. This can save time for customers and improve their shopping experience. Imagine one reads an article on your website about some tips for using one of your products and immediately wants to purchase it. You can help by adding a link to buy that product under the article to save them the effort of going through pages to find the item they want. 

4. Engage with your customers to increase sales

Adding a chatbot to your website is a great way to help customers find what they need. Even better, your staff can chat with customers to instantly answer their questions, which can be translated into actual sales. Be sure to highlight that you sell online on all of your social media channels and link the product posts to your web page. 

5. Include testimonials/reviews

Product reviews remain one of the most effective ways to influence a purchasing decision. Make sure to showcase all of the product reviews on your website and respond to all positive and negative reviews. This shows customers that you care and that your customer service is nothing but excellent. 


It is not difficult to set up an online shop. However, it takes a lot of work to ensure your online shop is user friendly and can be used as a marketing channel to increase sales. Make sure to discuss the above points with your e-commerce web design agency and implement them on your e-commerce website. You will find that a little change can make a huge difference.


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