January 29, 2020
Tips on Web Design

Functionality of a website is essential but so are the looks. Here we discuss the absolute best tips on web design. Whether you are a construction company in Kamloops or a 5 start hotel in Vancouver, these tips are bound to help you improve your website’s performance and the results that it generates as well.

Have a professional Logo

This is web design 101. A logo is one of the first things that you should think about when taking the look of your site into consideration. A professionally designed logo will not only set you apart from your competitors but will set the tone for your visitor’s user experience.

Have a clear navigation bar

A beautiful web design is nothing if it doesn’t perform or convert. Make sure your navigation bar is up top and clearly readable. It shouldn’t have too many links either. Clear and concise. You should try to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to navigate through your website.

Use colors in a strategic way

Make sure you strive on keeping a clean modern look for your site. Regardless, it must match with your logo as well. Avoid dull colors and too many colors as well.

Fonts Matter

Don’t just use any font’s that seem eye catching. Stick to font types such as Verdana, Arial or if you are promoting a high end service, go with Times New Roman. Don’t forget that fonts portray your main message so use them wisely in your web design and layout.

Think of each page as your ONLY page

This kind of thinking is essential if you want your website to produce real results. Design your website in such a way that each page on it literally acts as a landing page. After all, you want the most action that you can get from your website.

Use Responsive Web Design

If your site is not responsive, it won’t display properly on mobile devices. A must in 2014 and moving forward.

Keep It Simple

As much as you would want to impress your customers with the latest designs by using flash and other things, remember to keep it simple. A good looking website is only considered a success if it helps you achieve your main purpose. Know your main purpose and it keep it simple.

Avoid Whitespace

One of the worst things you can do to hurt your web design efforts is leaving too much whitespace. Too much whitespace turns off visitors and makes you look amateur.

Use quality design on site wide buttons

A lot of website have great design and functionality but their main call to action buttons look highly amateur or downright disgusting. Don’t slack off or forget about the important buttons on your site as well. Looks matter here the most. Big easy to read buttons always do the trick.

Use Social Media Icons

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc) all must be incorporated in your overall design strategy. Make sure you make them blend with your design properly.

Represent your company

No matter what design, color scheme or layout you go with, make sure it represents your brand perfectly. A confused visitor is a visitor that won’t take action so make sure your brand image and your website work in harmony.

Keep your visitors in mind

Its very easy to get carried away with designing the absolute best site around but in most cases, that is usually unnecessary. Just make sure you keep your visitors in mind when designing your website. User experience is what creates results. A good balance of color, functionality and technology is what makes a great website.

Use Quality Images

Avoid using clip art at all costs. They are now downright ugly. Use quality and relevant graphics and images to make sure you stand out. Definitely be creative with your images. If you don’t have access to quality pictures, do a search for ‘stock’ photos on Google and you are bound to find some great resources.

Be consistent

Whether you are using a certain font size or an image size, make sure they remain consistent throughout your site. Consistent things look professional and create a more user friendly experience. At the end of the day, it is consistentcy that generates results.

Follow these 13 pointers on web design and you will soon be well on your way in having that perfect website.


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