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We consult and let you be in charge of the content management system to be more cost saving. We help you familiarize with the selected platform and can easily makes changes to your website without having to directly alter the physical coding of the website.

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WordPress is the world's most popular CMS for a reason: WordPress is also the most flexible and cost- efficient CMS, without sacrificing enterprise-quality look and functionality. If your business needs an e-Commerce site with budget for development, we highly recommend WordPress.

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Joomla is a powerful, extensible CMS that is mobile-ready right out of the box. Joomla is optimized for corporate and lead generation sites that need advanced features, outstanding performance and security and a highly professional look.


The world is full of screens. How can your business's website possibly connect effectively to potential customers on whatever screen they happen to be looking at when they go looking for your product? There is an answer—responsive website design.

With responsive website design, your site and its individual pages are designed to adapt and evolve to deliver the optimum user experience to each individual desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone screen.

That means a design approach giving websites the flexibility to fully and functionally display on all devices and screen sizes automatically.

Responsive web design begins with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Using specifically varied settings, CSS deploy different style properties, such as viewport and media queries, to match the colour capability, resolution, screen size and orientation, and other characteristics of the different devices that access your site.

To assess how screen-friendly your site is, you can test it with one of the available free tools such as Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.


Quite simply, it saves enormous time and labour costs and is also the only way to ensure users, advertisers, and other stakeholders are not turned away or turned off because of slow or incomplete access to the site information.  Without responsive web design, businesses must maintain multiple sites for different devices or lose potential business.


  • One site for every device and optimal design for every device—configured for the user’s optimal viewing pleasure and scalable designed to maximize readability regardless of screen size.
  • No need for redirects—unlike other design options that redirect users to device-specific versions of a site, responsive web design means fast direct connection to desired content.
  • Price—it is easier, cheaper, and faster to work from and update a single website.

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