Custom Templates

Do you have your own unique look for your business or need one developed? Our expert team of coders and graphic designers will help you turn your vision into a fully functional website and more. We will equally brand all your social channels using your main template as well.

With over 400 custom websites under our belt, I think we can create a look for your online presence that is just right for you.

Pre-Made Templates

Template based websites are great for people who are already familiar with content management systems, like WordPress and Joomla, and are ready to start loading content to their sites. If you know what you want to say to your audience, Wikads can help make it happen with fast loading template.

Don’t worry about branding, we can easily tweak templates to compliment the look and feel of your business. Our graphic designers are available to create a business logo and a full color scheme for you, if you need one.

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